The Latvian Composers Union (LCU) 

is an organization which consolidates professional Latvian composers and musicologists. Its aims and tasks are: the promotion of Latvian professional music, fostering research, defending members’ interests, inciting opportunities for growth, as well as raising the prestige of members’ creative work in Latvia and worldwide.

The LCU co-operates with Latvia’s Ministry of Culture and the Latvian Board of Creative Unions developing legislation on artists’ status and the creation of an official register of professional artists in Latvia. As a member of the Latvian Board of Creative Unions, the LCU has been incorporated into the European Council of Artists – ECA. By LCUs’ initiative, the Latvian National Committee under the International Music Council – UNESCO was created; this committee thus became a member of the IMC in 2001.  Since 2004 the LCU is a member of the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) and in 2006 joined the International Musicological Society (IMS).

Organizing composers’ concerts, commissioning compositions, and the annual festival Latvian New Music Days, the LCU collaborates with Latvia’s Ministry of Culture, the Riga Latvian Society, the Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music, the Intangible Cultural Heritage State Agency (ICHSA), along with music schools, renowned state choirs, orchestras and musicians.  One in the three years LCU had been hosted the International Conference of Baltic Musicologists since 1968. The LCU also had been offered the International Workshop for Young Composers under the direction of composer Andris Dzenitis (in Dundaga and Mazsalaca).

The LCU offers valuable administrative support to its members:  assistance in completing and submitting applications for grants and competitions, issues official notices, prepares reference letters and recommendations, disseminates information about the possible participation in various competitions, festivals and conferences.  The LCU nominates its members for the receipt of the State Culture Capital Foundation life-long grant, as well as nominates candidates for work on the State Culture Capital Foundation expert committees.

Professionally educated composers and musicologists working in their field may become members of the LCU.  Interested candidates may submit their application letter, CV, a list of compositions with two reference letters from current LCU members to the LCU Board.  Applications are reviewed at upcoming LCU Board and Council meetings and membership is confirmed during the LCU General  meeting.