Latvian music is brilliant and interesting. It is enriched with many gems, which, society as a whole, is absolutely unaware of. The aim of this festival is to make Latvian music accessible and understandable to as broad an audience as possible, particularly the youth, by offering attractive and inter-active artistic and informative activities.

Subsequently, the festival’s main direction - the fusion of various art realms. The festival not only focuses on innovations but also on the transmission of traditions. The festival’s programme has often included active composers from different generations. However this year, and in the future, a striking composer from the past will be featured as the central festival personality – this year, composer and writer Margeris Zarinš (1910-1993). The festival Latvian New Music Days is organized by the Latvian Composers Union. 2010 marks the third year this exclusive festival is offered, where only the latest Latvian composers’ music can be heard.

Each concert programme contains one or more works specifically commissioned for this festival, including works composed within the last three years and an opus by Margeris Zarinš. Mr. Zarinš was a truly extraordinary personality. In his music, as well as his prose, Zarinš is still capable of captivating the listener with unrelenting optimism, rich fantasy, perfect command of various styles and stylization skill, but above all – a sparkling sense of humor. Play – is perhaps the most precise word to describe Zarinš’ personality and craft. It seems, for this imposing gentleman, with his characteristic center part and ever-present bow tie, play was life’s philosophy. Influenced by his art, the programme content evolves from the titles of his books and other fruits of his labor, which, like a web, intertwines the festival programs. His creative work inspires us to blend music with other art forms. Concurrently enabling us to join the world’s latest tendencies in concert organizing.